So right off, I'm the Textbook definition of an extrovert!

Hi, I'm Lindsay! It's So nice to meet you!

So anything with me is always going to be loud and proud! 
I photograph couples who are insanely in love and seniors who are out of this world gorgeous everyday! Pretty awesome, right? I am so beyond blessed to get to meet new people and grow to become friends with them, FOR A LIVING! 
When I'm not busy shooting, you can find me bingeing New Girl or How I Met Your Mother, on me weekly trips to goodwill, my coffee runs, or driving around jamming while looking for pretty places(let’s just call it location scouting ;P) 
I’m pretty easy to spot in a crowd, I wear bell bottoms on an almost daily basis! Anything 1970s is MY JAM! 
If your dying to learn more, here are some things you should know:

1. I recently got married to the cutest nerdy dude you ever did see, whom in my opinion looks like Westley for Princess Bride (SCORE!) 
2. I'm absolutely obsessed with Serbian Huskies and Corgi Butts and have a dream of having a furry friend some day soon!
3. My humor consists of 60% New girl quotes, 20% Dad Jokes and the other 20% is me making fun of how clumsy I am and making myself laugh!
4. The only food that I just cannot stand is peanut butter, I know I know, super quirky 
5. I crave sushi/fried rice on a daily basis. Seriously. DAILY. 
5. Lastly but most importantly, I'm a child of the one true King,Jesus Christ and I love him with my whole heart. 

If you’re looking for a fine arts, one and done, or light and bright photographer, I’m not your girl. But if you’re looking for someone to show you what to do with awkward hands, who loves rich, true to life colors and someone who can make you feel comfortable
in your own skin, I’m 110% your girl! 
So let’s make some magic!! 


seniors are my speciality